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Intro to the First Week of BYOT

I recently wrote a post called the First Five Days of School with BYOT that was inspired by the challenge of Alan November’s  First Five Day’s project to use the first five days of school to set the stage for further success.  That post was focused on the big picture or vision of Bring Your Own Technology to build learning communities and to make learning more relevant by connecting instruction to students’ personal technology devices.

The post was well-received, yet in thinking about teachers dealing with the day-to-day challenges involved in working with students, especially at the beginning of the year, I decided that a more hands-on, practical approach would be appreciated.  However, one post that specified strategies and activities that a teacher could conduct each day for the first week of school could be overwhelming.

Therefore, during this week, I wrote a daily post for each day of implementing BYOT within the classroom for the first week of school.  I tied to provide advice about the types of tools and strategies that I would employ during the week to address the needs of my students as well as develop a learning community in my classroom that could support learning for the rest of the year.

Since there are so many subject areas and grade levels involved in K-12 education, I generally tried to address particular tools and strategies.  I welcome teachers to customize my suggestions to their classroom communities and curricula.  Please share your insights to assist other teachers with the implementation of BYOT by responding to the daily posts.

I hope you find these posts useful to your BYOT implementation.  All of the daily posts and the goals for those days are listed below… 

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