BYOT = Bring Your Own “Thinking”

Warning! 🙂 This agenda will continue to be developed during the workshop.  These activities and resources are just suggestions to guide the discussion, so please share your questions and ideas in Twitter in #byotpd.

Day 1

Critical Thinking through InquiryTwitter

Essential Questions:

  • What is Twitter?
  • How do I set up a Twitter account?
  • How do I follow/unfollow other people?
  • How do I block people who annoy me?
  • What is my Home feed in Twitter?
  • How do I search for other people or topics?
  • How do I participate in a Twitter chat?
  • How do I submit my first Tweet?

Activity: Participate in a #byotpd chat in Twitter throughout the day in Twitter to discuss ideas, suggestions, or questions.

What is BYOT?

BYOD in the 21st Century

Creativity through iPhotographyPixlromatic

Essential Questions:

  • How can I use iPhotography to teach various subjects and concepts?
  • How do I add effects to a photograph using the app, Pixlromatic?

Lunch Break (Activity: Take a photo with your device using one of the aspects of iPhotography).

Collaboration with Wikis – Wikispaces

Forsyth County Schools Wikis

Essential Questions:

  • What is a wiki?
  • How do I create a wiki?
  • How do I manage the settings of my wiki?
  • How can I use a wiki to differentiate instruction?


  • Upload notes for iPhotography.
  • Share resources/strategies for using Twitter.
  • Provide directions for using VoiceThread.

Creativity through VoiceThreadVoiceThread

Forsyth County Schools VoiceThreads

Essential Questions:

  • What is a VoiceThread?
  • How can I use VoiceThread to encourage authorship?
  • How do I use VoiceThread from a computer? from the app?
  • How do I create a new VoiceThread?
  • How do I share my VoiceThread with others?


  • Create a VoiceThread using the photo from lunch.
  • Share your VoiceThread with the group.
  • Comment on the VoiceThreads of others in the group.

Just in Time Learning

What Adults Can Learn from Kids – Adora Svitak

Essential Question:

  • How do I learn alongside my students?
  • How can I empower students with their own learning?
  • How do I create a learning community in my classroom?
  • How do I teach digital citizenship with BYOT?


Work on some of the new skills and strategies you have developed throughout the day.

Day 2

What Are the Four C’s?

Above and Beyond

The Four C’s: Making 21st Century Education Happen

Additional Resources on the Four C’s of 21st Century Learning

Web Tools to Promote the Four C’s

Communication with BlogsEdublogs

Forsyth County Schools Blogs

Project Based Learning with BYOT

QR Codes in the BYOT Classroom

Edmodo –

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