iPhotography Suggestions

iPhotography: Photography for Smartphones

Contributed by – Carolyn Hutcheson- ITS Settles Bridge Elementary

Here are some suggestions for iPhotography for you to try in order to improve the photos you take with your smartphone.

Rule of 3rds:

  • *Look for grid to assist (On iPhone- camera>options (in middle)>grid (on)
  • Look for odd numbers

Look for Curves, Patterns and Lines:

  • S curves
  • Patterns- (IE: Fibonacci Pattern in pineapples, pinecones, etc.)
  • Shapes
  • Leading Lines- look for leading lines in bridges, overpasses, streams,

Lighting and Effects:

  • Shoot in different types of light- night, day, low light
  • Look for reflections
  • Include people, signs, important “markers” of event


  • Shoot from a distance and as close as possible
  • Include expression and P.O.V. to make connection to subjects in photo
  • Try to tell a story using photos- humor is good


  • Test out a few new accessories just for fun- shutters, tripods, lenses that attached to smart phones.
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