Teaching the 4 C’s in BYOT


Todays Meet

What Are the Four C’s?

  • Above and Beyond
  • The Four C’s: Making 21st Century Education Happen

Web Tools to Promote the Four C’s

Communication with Blogs

Guiding Questions/Activities

  • What are the steps in creating a class blog?
  • How do I customize my blog profile and theme?
  • What are the ethical issues related to blogging?
  • How do I post resources for students?

Creativity with iPhotography

Guiding Questions/Activities

  • How can I use iPhotography to teach various subjects and concepts?
  • How do I add effects to a photograph using the app, Pixlromatic?
  • Take a photo with your device using one of the aspects of iPhotography.
  • Post your photo in the class blog.

Critical Thinking through Inquiry

Guiding Questions/Activities

  • How do I create an account in Socrative?
  • How do I pose one-time questions or create quizzes?
  • How do I share and import a quiz?
  • Create a quiz to be shared.

Collaboration with Wikis

Guiding Questions/Activities

  • What is a wiki?
  • How do I create a wiki?
  • How do I manage the settings of my wiki?
  • How can I use a wiki to differentiate instruction?
  1. Sustainable Practices for Digital Age Learning | BYOT Network

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