NBC News – BYOT in Forsyth County Schools

The Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) initiative at Coal Mountain Elementary School in Forsyth County Schools was explored in this story by NBC News in May 2012. The story is called At One School District, The Motto is BYOT – Bring Your Own Technology and can be found on NBC at

BYOT Tour – Forsyth County Schools

This video of the September 2012, BYOT Tour of Forsyth County Schools was filmed by Jenny Grabiec from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. It shows students from three schools using Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) to improve their opportunities for learning.

Focus on Process with BYOT

A first grade student works collaboratively with another student on a project about Jane Goodall. They have recorded their information on their device and expect to text the final product to Jane Goodall.

More BYOTNetwork videos can be found on YouTube.

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