Moving to Responsible Use Guidelines

ResponsbileUse_TitleSession Details

Wednesday, November 6, 2013, Georgia Educational Technology Conference – GaETC, Atlanta, GA, 1:30PM-2:30PM – Room: Salon A – Marriott
Presenters: Dr. Tim Clark @byotnetwork, Jill Hobson @hobsonjill

Session Description

Forsyth County Schools is moving from Acceptable Use Guidelines and replacing it with Responsible Use Guidelines.  These include 5 statements outlining behaviors all FCS community members will exhibit regarding digital citizenship. Goals include consistent home-school communication; flexibility for local school communities; teaching digital citizenship in the context of students’ personal devices; and address growing diversity and different expectations of our learning community.

Session Outline

Let’s Chat About Responsible Use

Using TodaysMeet at, answer these questions:

  • What are your worst fears?
  • How do you define responsible use?
  • How is the shift different than Acceptable Use Procedures?

Opening the Floodgates

Making the Shift in Forsyth County Schools

Strategies for the Transition

  • Engage the Stakeholders
  • Educate Everyone
  • Focus on Digital Age Skills
  • Review Data
  • Make Incremental Changes
  • Don’t Make “Technology” Rules
  • Provide Learning Resources
  • Find New Uses for Old Tools
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